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Tandem Equipment Sales, Inc.
Tandem ESD Packaging Sales

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ESD Protection Services

Custom Designed ESD Blow Molded Tray

Custom Molded Foam Packaging

ESD Die Cut Foam

Custom Molded ESD Plastic Tray

Custom Molded ESD Tray

Tandem is at the leading edge of modern technology.

Customers have come to rely upon our expertise at Tandem because we understand the impact that electrostatic discharge events (ESD) can have on products, and therefore strive to keep current on all new packaging solutions and best practices in material handling.

As a trusted turnkey distributor of ESD protection products from leading manufacturers, it is assured that we can help you protect your product throughout the entire manufacturing, storage, packaging and shipping processes per S20.20-2007.

Our goal-to safeguard your products from damage caused by the combination of electrostatic discharge, dirt, shock, vibration and mishandling to ensure it arrives safely to its destination.

Our Results-oriented ESD Protection Services Include ESD Audits

ESD Audits | We offer customers complimentary ESD audits by trained Tandem staff that entails a thorough inspection of your work environment to ensure it is operating safely within industry specific static levels, (S20.20- 2007) particularly for Clean Rooms. Process involves:

  • Meters used to measure all product handling areas to check sources and amplitude of static contamination.

  • Recommendations made to neutralize static with the use of personnel grounding material, ESD equipment, air ionizers, etc. to comply with industry requirements.

  • Report provided to customers to utilize as a model to develop in-house static control plan.

Thermoformed Packaging, Custom Foam Packaging

Custom Thermoformed & Fabricated Packaging | We have the in-house capabilities to create ESD packaging solutions to protect the products of a diverse customer base, and offer the following, in addition to standard packaging materials:

  • Design and fabrication of custom foam packaging in any size and shape (convoluted, profiled or die cut).

  • Molded trays and containers made from special ESD plastic.
    (ie. Zelux and Pacur)

  • Create custom boxes and cartons supplied by one of our many industrial packaging manufacturers we represent.

VCI Audits | During the VCI Audit, we will inspect any metal equipment that may be subject to corrosion, tarnishing or rusting due to its storage or shipping. Recommendations will be made how to protect the metal from those environmental conditions that would compromise its functionality through the use of specific metal protection papers or films.

Take the next step and call Tandem Equipment for all your ESD protection needs.

Call 1 800 696 9169 or email us today!Tandem's design team is ready to support all aspects of packaging design, development and testing, and uses the latest in AutoCAD SOLIDWORKS software to facilitate seamless communications with its customers.

Contact us at 800.696.9169 to discover how we can help reduce the risk of ESD events within your plant / operations.