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Tandem ESD Packaging Sales

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ESD Workstations

ESD Workstations and Workbenches

ESD Workstations and Workbenches

ESD Workstations and Workbenches

Biofit Chair

Electrostatic discharge is the enemy in the workspace as it can cause irreparable damage to expensive and highly sensitive equipment - resulting in costly delays in your business operations.

Allow the experts at Tandem Equipment Sales to provide you with ESD workstations solution that will ensure that you are protected throughout all phases of material handling. We are an authorized distributor of leading manufacturers who offer high quality industrial workstations designed specifically to eliminate ESD events from occurring.

Key ESD workstation and product manufacturers we represent

  • Phoenix | Manufactures a wide selection of fully welded and assembled ESD workstations that may be customized to accommodate existing or future requirements, offering design options and accessories for its line of industrial workstations. Anti static workstations include:

    • Series 100 Heavy Duty
    • Series 200 Production
    • Series 300, 400, 600 Ergonomic
    • Basic Series ESD work bench

  • LEWISBins+™ | Manufactures a superior line of ESD containers, bins, tote boxes, and metal storage systems that are designed to be both durable and to control ESD within an ESD critical workstation environment.

We also represent a number of other leading manufacturers that offer a selection static control workstation equipment in a variety of configurations to accommodate your specific industry needs.


Whether you require cleanroom tables or basic ESD workbenches, you will not be limited in your options in selecting the industrial workstation configuration that works best for your business.

Remember at Tandem, we have access to an extensive list of ESD workstation products that we could not possibly list contact us today!them all here. However, with that in mind, we invite you to contact us to learn more and also to receive your complimentary ESD audit so you can take the next step in creating the most efficient and ESD safe workstation environment.



Phoenix / Benchline
Phoenix / Benchline
BioFit Ergonomic Chairs
BioFit Ergonomic Chairs