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Micro Lite Microscope Lighting Products

Microscope Lighting System

Microscope Lighting System

Microscope Lighting System

Annular Fiber Optic Light

Micro-Lite Full Spectrum Bulbs

As we enter our fourth decade of working with those from the electronics, defense, and the medical industry, we have gained valuable knowledge over the years in assessing customers' environments to make recommendations for improvements-whether to reduce ESD events or improve safe working conditions.

And while Tandem Equipment Sales may be best known as a leading ESD packaging service provider, we are always expanding ways in which to better to serve our customers. Thus; we are a proud distributor of Micro-Lite® microscope lighting products.


Micro-Lite® — the next generation Fiber Optic Light Source - is a U.S. - based manufacturer of a high quality line of microscope illuminators used in a variety of industries and is a valued source of microscopes and accessories.

Benefits of Micro-Lite products:

  • Exclusive patented microprocessor controlled dimmable fluorescent technology. Plastic housing/shield are Esd safe.

  • Reduces users' eye fatigue due to its variable, glare-free microscope fiber optic light.

  • Improves accuracy and productivity during inspection process.

  • Advanced Micro-Lite microscope design incorporates adjustment knob making it easy for users to set to personal comfort levels.

Magnifiers, Microscope Illuminators and Fiber-optic Lights

Micro-Lite® Series available include the following:

  • Micro-Lite® FL1000 Series - EXCLUSIVE! State-of-the-art Micro-BriteT phosphors with rare-earth tri-phosphors produce a full spectrum of light to increase viewing ability and reduce glare.

  • Micro-Lite® FL6000 and FL7000 Series - NEW DESIGN FEATURES! Provide for unequaled accuracy of illumination and deliver consistent light output regardless of changes in bulb condition or fluctuations in line voltage.

  • Micro-Lite® SuperScope2000 - NEW! Electronic microscope lighting with up to 80x magnification and hi-res video outputs. All microscope illuminators in this series are UL and CSA approved.


Call 1 800 696 9169 or email us today!Allow Tandem to provide you with top of the line microscope lighting products from Micro-Lite®.

We also carry all Micro-Lite® and Stocker & Yale replacement parts and replacement light bulbs. In addition, we guarantee that all Micro-Lite products are backed by a two-year warranty.