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Tandem Equipment is an authorized distributor of CCI Conductive Container, Static Solutions Inc., Phoenix and LEWISBins+™ products.

When it comes to ESD protection, customers around the world have been relying upon our expertise for over the past 30 years because they know we understand the risk that electrostatic discharge can cause to products during handling, testing, shipping, or storage.

Whether customers turn to us to conduct an ESD audit to better establish a plan for a static free work environment or need customized anti-static packaging - we have the in-house capability and ESD products to serve a wide breadth of industries to include:

aerospace - medical - defense - military - high tech
pharmaceutical packaging - commercial / industrial


At Tandem we think it's important to first understand our customers business so we can offer effective solutions that best serve their particular requirements.

  • We will conduct a complimentary ESD audit of their work environment to locate and measure static amplitude using static control field meters.

  • Based on the results found during our inspection, we will outline an ESD plan for customers to implement a static control plan.

    • This may involve adding a range of static dissipative products from employee grounding and apparel to ESD workstations to customizing static control packaging.
As a distributor of Static Solutions and Phoenix/Benchline products, we can offer competitive pricing on a large selection of antistatic products to secure the work environment, which includes some of the following:
  • ESD products from Static Solutions

    • To reduce the effect of static caused by personnel we recommend ESD Wrist straps from the OHM-STATT Wriststrap Series and UltimatT Rubber two-layer static dissipative mats.

  • ESD testers from Static Solutions Inc.

    • The RT-Series Meghommeters work to measure resistivity as well as temperature and humidity in work environments to keep conditions in line with industry standards (S20.20-2007).

  • ESD air ionizers from Transforming Technologies

    • To neutralize ESD charges as they are generated by use of non-conducto during the manufacturing and handling of sensitive products.

  • Work environment ESD equipment from Phoenix/Benchline

    • Series 100 Heavy Duty ESD Workstations offer design options and accessories customized to suit specific needs.

  • We also carry a wide range of ESD bags and other anti static products from manufacturers such as Protektive Pak and 3M Static Control.

You can be assured that whatever your antistatic requirements that Tandem Equipment has the ESD safe products to provide you with an unparalleled level of customer service to get the results you deserve.

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